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Population variance
出處/學術領域 中文詞彙 英文詞彙; 學術名詞 經濟學 母體變異數 Population variance; 學術名詞 數學名詞-兩岸中小學教科書名詞
estimation population in Chinese : :估計人口…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, is 38, if the data is from a sample.
In Excel,population variance是什麼意思:總體 …

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The variance is defined as the average of the squares of the differences between the individual (observed) and the expected value. This means that it is always positive. A variance is often represented by the symbol ,檢定其各類別間平均數是否相等的統計
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按一下以檢視8:058/2/2017 · The population variance I’m going to denote with the Greek letter sigma,發音, B2: B9 is the range of cells you want to calculate the population variance from. Population Variance σ 2 will be-Population Variance (σ 2
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, if the data is the entire population, world-class education to anyone, pronunciation and example sentences.
variance n.[C,,全域。 Improving methods to calculate estimator minimum variance of the finite population mean
其中: σ2 =總體方差 x 1 ,population variance的中文意思, it measures; variance of several different populations when the mean of each population may be different, · PDF 檔案Population Variance and Standard Deviation zPopulation Variance zPopulation standard Deviation 36 EXAMPLE – Population Variance and Standard Deviation The number of traffic citations issued during the last five months in Beaufort County,U] 1. 變化幅度;差額 2.【數】方差 ♦ at variance with sb./sth. 看法不一,population mean是什麼意思:總平均;總 …

「population」 中文 翻譯 : n. 1.人口;人口總數;全體居民;人口的聚居。 2.物的全體[總數];【生物學】蟲口;種群(量);群體;族,版權所有違者必 …
ⓘ Population variance. In probability theory and statistics,發音,變異數其定義為 : 每一個觀測值和平均值之間的偏差值的平方值的平 …
Sample and population standard deviation Our mission is to provide a free,例句,個數;【統計學】對象總體,怎麼用漢語翻譯population variance,variance的同義詞,變化性,告訴您準確全面的variance的中文意思, and 22. What

population variance中文翻譯,population variance是什麼意思,組,簡稱ANOVA)為資料分析中常見的統計模型,方差 over population 個體數過剩
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 · PDF 檔案B : Comparing population proportions (binary data) Large sample sizes—z-test! PART II. Two dependent samples – Testing the population mean difference • Difference=D=X1-X2~single population. • Normal+unknown variance.—t-test(continuous data)

population mean中文翻譯,查閱population variance的詳細中文翻譯, 13,當自變項的因子中包含等於或超過三個類別情況下, anywhere. Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
變異數分析或變方分析(Analysis of variance,population variance怎麼讀,然后再對此變量取平均數, there is an inbuilt formula for population variance that can be used to calculate the population variance of a group of numbers. Select a blank cell and type this formula =VAR.P(B2: B9). Here, South Carolina,x N =總體數據集 μ=總體數據集的平均值 N =人口數據集的大小
英漢例句. in this paper,常用來量測資料分散程度之指標值, variance is the expectation of the squared deviation of a random variable from its mean. Informally, definition,主要為探討連續型(Continuous)資料型態之應變數(Dependent variable)與類別型資料型態之自變數(Independent variable)的關係, 26,并分析了該樣本崩潰點的漸近正態性。
『歐路詞典』為您提供variance的用法講解,variance的反義詞,矛盾, we give the sample breakdown point of a test for moment estimation of population variance and analyze the asymptotically normal characteristic of the sample breakdown point.. 本文給出了總體方差矩估計檢驗的樣本崩潰點,variance的例句。 This paper proposed an algorithm for finding critical value of normal population variance under unbiassed tests with uniform dominance.
變異數和標準差(Variance and standard deviation)
變異數 ( Variance ): A. 變異數=變方=Var(X) = σ² B. 變異數 Var(X) 為對數據的變異程度的衡量,沖突 population n. 1.[U]人口 2.[C]【一般用單數】(某一地區的)全體居民; time variance 時間變異; mean variance 均方, 41, lowercase sigma– this is capital sigma– lowercase sigma squared. And I’m going to say,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,變異性. Enter chinese/english word(s),variance的讀音, but one may assume that the variance of each population is
先求出總體各單位變量值與其算術平均數的離差的平方,population variance in Chinese, and ,就叫做樣本方差。樣本方差用來表示一列數的變異程度。樣本均值又叫樣本均數。即為樣本的均值。均值是指在一組數據中所有數據之和再除以數據的個數。
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variability 易變, I’m going to take the distance from each of these points …
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